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Manicures: This includes shaping, filing, and polishing the nails on the hands. It may also involve cuticle care, hand massages, and the application of nail polish.​

Pedicures: Similar to manicures, pedicures focus on the feet. They involve soaking the feet, removing dead skin, trimming and shaping the nails, cuticle care, and often include a foot massage. Nail polish is also applied if desired.

Nail Extensions: Various types of nail extensions, such as acrylic, gel, or fiberglass. Extensions are used to add length or create artificial nails.

Nail Art: Nail art services, where we can create intricate designs, patterns, or decorations on your nails using polish, gems, decals, or other materials.

Nail Repair: If you have a broken or damaged nail, we can often repair it using patching, strengthening, or applying artificial tips.

Nail Enhancements: This includes services like overlays, where a protective layer is applied over the natural nails to strengthen them, or sculpting, which involves creating extensions with a sculpting gel or acrylic.

Gel Polish Application: Gel polish is a long-lasting nail polish that requires curing under a UV or LED lamp. Widely used gel polish application as it provides a durable and chip-resistant manicure or pedicure.

Nail Maintenance: Nail salons can also help with routine nail maintenance, such as trimming, filing, buffing, and cuticle care.

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